Saturday, October 28, 2006

CLP Talk No. 5 Loving God

Bro. Rommel Musa delivered the talk no. 5 of CLP which is about "Loving God". In this talk we realized that God wants us to make loving Him our highest ideal. Thus God made it into a commandment of the highest priority. We are to love God with all our heart, with our entire mind and with all our strength. Sis. Lenny Musa shared her experience about giving God all our resources‑‑time, money, energy, gifts, abilities, possessions. In conclusion Bro. Rommel mentioned that Jesus is our model in loving God.

Couples for Christ Macau

Monday, October 23, 2006

CLP Talk No. 4 Repentance and Faith

The Christian Life Program's talk no. 4 was presented by John Constancia last 15 October. He defined repentance as a change of mind. That it is also a change of direction in life. A change in the way we live our lives, dropping an old set of ideals and values and adopting new ones. In his talk he mentioned that repentance means a turning away from sin, evil, wrongdoing and running our own life. It is also renouncing serious sins such as non‑Christian reli­gions, Spiritualism and the occult, Sexual wrongdoing, Serious crimes (murder, rape, etc.), Drunkenness and drugs. Faith is believing in the good news of salvation in Jesus. It is a belief in Jesus as our personal Savior. Finally he summarized the consequences of repentance and faith as follows: salvation from sin, satan, death; forgiveness and eternal life with God and new life in the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Working Out Difficulties In CFC

A teaching about how to work out difficulties in CFC was delivered by Patrick Oconer last Oct. 9, 2006. In the first part of his talk he mentioned that love and unity are important for our life in CFC and peace should binds us together. He points out that we should not withhold the truth from one another. Patrick also discussed the ways on how to work out conflicts. "Working out Difficulties in CFC" is talk no. 5 under a teaching entitled "Christian Personal Relationships".

Couples for Christ Macau

CLP Talk No. 3 What It Means To Be A Christian

Delivered by Taffy Ledesma of SFC Beyond Border Team the talk about "What It Means To Be A Christian" gave us the following practical implications of being a Christian.
  1. We can trust in God because He is our loving Father.
  2. We can stop worrying because God knows our needs and will provide for us.
  3. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and are committed to care for one another.
  4. Since life on earth is temporary, we are to look to things that will enrich us for our eternal life rather than for this earthly life.
  5. We can have peace and joy in spite of any circumstances.

Couples for Christ Macau

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

CLP Talk No. 2 Who is Jesus Christ

The 2nd talk of our CLP Who is Jesus Christ was delivered by Rolly Fesalbon last Sunday (1 October 2006). Brief outline of the talk discussed the impact of Jesus on history. That his coming was pre‑announced through Old Testament prophe­cies and he struck history with such impact that he split it in two: BC and AD. Lastly he came into the world not to live but to die for our sins and gave us salvation. Other things that were higlighted during the talk was his uniqueness and extraordinary qualities. His claim of being God was comfirmed by his miracles and resurrection. With that many of his contemporaries came to the realization that he indeed was God. Participants shared their Christian background and discussed how they knew Jesus before and after the talk.

Couples for Christ Macau

Monday, September 25, 2006

CLP Talk No. 1 God's Love

The CLP talk no. 1 which is about God's Love was presented by Bro. Tony Perez of the Servants of the Lord ministry last Sunday 24 September. In his introduction he points out the situation in the world today. The serious disorder in the world like war, poverty, murder, etc. On a personal level there is loneliness, depression, fear, etc. He mentioned that man makes various efforts to improve the world but is not succeeding because these are not based on God's wisdom. From the talk we learned that God has a plan for bringing us out of confusion and disorder and that God is interested in our lives. God wants to restore our fellowship and intimacy with Him. On our own strength, we cannot overcome the challenges in our Christian life. Towards the end of the talk we all realized that Jesus Christ is the answer and is the fullness of God's love. In Jesus, God's plan for restoration can begin to happen in our lives. We need simply to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Sis. Sally Vinluan also shared her experiences about the talk. Following after it, participants were grouped for their discussions and sharings.

Couples for Christ Macau

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

CFC Macau Website

Announcing the birth of CFC Macau's official website I encourage every CFC macau member or any CFC member from other country and place to register in the CFC Macau Forum.

The Forum will be our main source of information for sharing ideas, annoucements of activities, household meetings and teaching schedules and much more. Unlike our blog the site offers flexibility and allows everyone to freely comment and post any ideas related to our service for the Lord and to our CFC community. With this I hope that we as members of the CFC community whether from Macau or any other place will be united in Christ. Please join us in our vision and mission to renew the face of the earth by evangelizing and bringing glad tidings to the poor.
Couples for Christ Macau

Monday, September 18, 2006

Christian Life Program 2006

The CFC Macau Christian Life Program began yesterday 17 September with an Orientation Talk given by Bro. Tony Mangente. A total of 46 participants attended and we expect it to increase this coming Sunday. During his talk, Bro. Tony mentioned the four kinds of people that Jesus wants to offer his salvation. They are the poor, the captives, the blind and the oppressed. He also explained the 3 basic modules of CLP. The talk was further enhanced by the sharings of Bro. Dante and Sis. Donna Quejano, Bro. Tony Perez, Sis. Jinky Bayog and Sis. Ely Dejarlo. After the talk there was also a question and answer session. A service meeting follows which was conducted by Bro. John Tacorda our CLP team leader.
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